Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use:


1. Acceptance of Terms of Use:

Dubizzle.pk (the “Website”) is a community content website operated by dubizzle.pk Limited and its affiliates www.dubizzle.pk.Terms and conditions (as defined below) is uploaded by dubizzle.pk and other users of the Website.
•These are the terms on which dubizzle.pk allows you to access and use the Website, whether as a registered user. Please read these condition of Use fearfully before you start to use the Website.
By achieve and using the Website, you will acquire these Terms of Use and agree to follow by them.
If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, then you are not permitted to use the Website.

2: dubizzle.pk’s Proprietary Rights:

You agree that Dubizzle.pk (pvt) ltd affiliates, as the case may be)) is the owner or the licensee of all fully ownership rights in the Website, and the Website itself is a collective work owned by Dubizzle.pk (pvt) ltd The Website is covered by copyright international laws and compact around the world.
• You may not copy, distribute, duplicate, sell, lease, assign, rent, sublease, and encumber any aspect of the Website or any Content (as defined in below Clause ).
• You also may not copy or create derivative works of any aspect of the Website or any Content (as defined in below given Clause ), other than with respect to your own material (as defined in below given Clause ).
• You may not allowed or re-write otherwise attempt to discover any source code contained in the Website or any software or database connected to the Website.


• “Content” alludes to any posting, gatherings, occasion postings, surveys, postings, messages, content, documents, pictures, photographs or some other material posted on the Website.

• By posting Content on the Website:

• you gift dubizzle.pk the non-select, around the world, ceaseless, unalterable, sovereignty free, sub-licensable right to utilize, duplicate, recreate, convey, perform, show, change or make subsidiary works of the Content unendingly and for any legitimate reason dubizzle.pk sees fit;

• you warrant that the holder of any rights, incorporating moral rights in such Content, has totally and successfully waived all such rights and truly and irreversibly conceded to you the privilege to give the permit in the former sentence;

• you allow some other client of the Website to get to, showcase, view, store and recreate such Content; and

• you award dubizzle.pk the privilege to deny the ensuing access, stockpiling and generation or utilization of said Content by any gathering to any degree dubizzle.pk sees fit.

• dubizzle.pk is not in charge of, and no dependence ought to be put, in any capacity on any Content posted, transmitted through or connected to the Website.

• dubizzle.pk maintains whatever authority is needed to (1) decline to share or show, (2) move; or (3) erase any Content posted on the Website.

• dubizzle.pk plans to redesign the Website consistently, and may change the Content whenever. Any of the Content might be obsolete at any given time, and we are under no commitment to overhaul such material.

• All Job advertisements (paid or not) that declare a few positions in one promotion will be erased after 24h of their posting and no discount will be given. Inside the initial 24h of the posting, the client can alter the different position promotion to diminish it to one position. Something else, the promotion will be erased and no discount given.

4.Paid Content:

Content posted on the Website that requires installment, whether with Credit Card through the site, or with check by means of a business contract is paid substance (“Paid Content”) and should be paid for by the originator of the Paid Content.

• Prepaid Listings:

• Users wishing to list Paid Content on the Website will be coordinated to an outsider installment preparing webpage. Endless supply of an installment affirmation from the outsider installment preparing webpage, dubizzle.pk should list the Paid Content to the proper area of the Website.

• Paid Content obtained utilizing dubizzle.pk’s named outsider installment handling site must be paid for with a credit or platinum card issued by Visa or Master card (or American Express by means of PayPal). You should be approved to utilize the installment technique you select.

• Under no circumstances might dubizzle.pk be obliged to discount any installments made in admiration of prepaid individual postings.

• Subject to whatever remains of these Terms of Use, there is no restriction on the volume of Paid Content you may post on the Website.

• Prepaid Listing Accounts:

• Prepaid posting records are accessible for clients who wish to post a bigger volume of Paid Content over a predetermined time-period. Prepaid posting records are paid in occasional installments as per the terms of a Prepaid Listing Account Booking Form (as characterized beneath).

• If you wish to set up a prepaid posting account you ought to get in touch with us. dubizzle.pk maintains whatever authority is needed to reject any application prepaid posting account at its own caution with or without legitimate reason.

• Prepaid posting records are liable to extra legitimate and business terms which are set out in a different contract amongst dubizzle.pk and the prepaid posting account holder (a “Prepaid Listing Account Booking Form”). For the shirking of uncertainty, prepaid posting accounts might be liable to these Terms of Use notwithstanding the terms of the Prepaid Listing Account Booking Form.

• Upon receipt of prepayment, dubizzle.pk will enact your prepaid posting record and acknowledge your record for the concurred number of postings and you will be approved to rundown properties available to be purchased and/or rent and/or utilized autos available to be purchased on the Website.

• Once the quantity of postings posted achieves as far as possible or the record time period terminates (whichever happens first) you will never again have the capacity to list extra properties available to be purchased and/or rent and/or utilized autos available to be purchased on the Website.

• If dubizzle.pk does not get an intermittent installment when due, it claims all authority to suspend your account(s) and/or evacuate all Paid Content posted utilizing any of your records until the unfulfilled obligations are conveyed completely progressive incorporating into admiration of any charges or preparing expenses sensibly acquired by dubizzle.pk as an aftereffect of your non-installment. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TIMELY PAYMENT OF ALL PERIODIC PAYMENTS. Inability TO SATISFY A PERIODIC PAYMENT OBLIGATION WILL RESULT IN DISRUPTION TO YOUR PREPAID LISTING ACCOUNT.
• For the evasion of uncertainty, if your prepaid posting record is suspended for reason of non-installment, intermittent installments will keep on accrueing as per the terms of your Prepaid Listing Account Booking Form despite the suspension of your account(s) or the evacuation of Paid Content until record unpaid debts are raised to date or the prepaid posting record is legitimately crossed out as per these Terms of Use and your Prepaid Listing Account Booking Form.

• dubizzle.pk claims all authority to expand posting rates at its own particular circumspection. dubizzle.pk consents to immediately tell (by means of email) holders of prepaid posting records of any rate increments and their changed intermittent installments.

• You may wipe out a prepaid posting account anytime after the expiry of three months from the battle begin date as set out in the Prepaid Listing Account Booking Form by giving dubizzle.pk at the very least 30 days earlier notice of your goal to scratch off. Cancelation notification ought to be sent to your assigned record chief. For the shirking of uncertainty you are obliged to meet your installment commitments until the expiry of the 30 day cancelation notice period. Endless supply of the 30 day cancelation notice period dubizzle.pk will deactivate your record and you will never again have the capacity to list extra properties available to be purchased and/or rent and/or utilized autos available to be purchased on the Website.

• You consent to not mishandle the standard procedure by which dubizzle.pk works its Paid Content area, which incorporates however is not restricted to, modifying data in Property Feeds to control the posting of properties, spamming the segment with various postings of the same substance, scratching data from postings or general interruption of the typical procedure dubizzle.pk has set up. On the off chance that dubizzle.pk, in its sole and supreme attentiveness, observes you to be infringing upon this, it claims all authority to suspend your record for a time of two weeks. On the off chance that subsequent to reestablishing your record, dubizzle.pk, in its sole and outright circumspection, observes you to be disregarding these Terms for a brief moment time, it maintains all authority to cross out your agreement.

• Upon deactivation of your prepaid posting account dubizzle.pk will be under no commitment to offer any discount in admiration of any unexpired time period or unused postings. dubizzle.pk will return or demolish any post-dated checks in its ownership once all exceptional installment commitments owed to dubizzle.pk have been fulfilled.

• For the evasion of uncertainty and with the end goal of translating these Terms of Use Paid Content might be considered as a class of Content and these Terms of Use should apply similarly to Content, Paid Content and the originators of both.

• In the occasion that Paid Content disregards any part of these Terms of Use, dubizzle.pk may, in its sole caution and all of a sudden or discount (i) expel the Paid Content from the Website and/or (ii) find a way to avert persons who posted the applicable Paid Content from getting to the Website.

• Subject to continuous consistence with these Terms of Use (as dictated by dubizzle.pk in its sensible tact) and dubizzle.pk’s entitlement to evacuate or adjust Content hereunder, Paid Content should be shown on the Website for such period as controlled by dubizzle.pk, every once in a while, for the applicable segment of the Website where such Paid Content was transferred (e.g., Property available to be purchased, Property for Rent, Used Cars available to be purchased, and so on.). You may erase any Paid Content before the end of such period, and dubizzle.pk might have no further obligation to show such erased content.

• dubizzle.pk is neither dependable nor obligated for the apparent achievement or disappointment of any Paid Content posted on the Website.

• If you’ve agreed to a membership bundle, you may cross out your membership whenever without conditions and you will subsequently not be charged on the following charging date.

• Delivery of bought computerized merchandise will happen inside minutes of the buy and will show up in the purchaser’s online record. A receipt will be sent by email to the purchaser affirming the buy.

• dubizzle.pk may, at its sole and total attentiveness, start a discount ought to an exchange be considered incorrect. Once started the sum will be attributed back to the purchaser inside a couple business days through the first method of installment.

• dubizzle.pk maintains whatever authority is needed to hinder a record from posting engine postings on the off chance that it decides malevolent utilization of the record or on the off chance that you are viewed as an “Engine Dealer”.

• A ” Dealers”

• Is one who works a showroom anyplace in the PAKISTAN used to offer vehicles.

• Has an exchange permit to lawfully exchange engine vehicles in the PAKISTAN.

• An person who is exchanging engine vehicles to supplement their wage with no authority authorizing or documentation from the PAKISTAN government. Generally alluded to as a `freelance Motor Dealer`.

• Who manages any vehicle barring:

• Motorcycles

• Bikes/Mopeds/Scooters

• Recreational Vehicles and Caravans

• Diggers, excavators, forklifts and trailers

• Tractors and ranch apparatus

• Commercial trucks and transports

• Heavy Machines

• Truck Cranes

• Crawler Cranes

• Drilling and Piling Rigs

• Bulldozers , Road roller ,engine grader and dump truck.

• Boats and Marine vehicles

• Parts and Accessories

In the event that you are in uncertainty whether a thing is an ‘engine vehicle’, please reach us.

These individuals are dared to be in the matter of engine vehicle exchanging unless they can demonstrate something else.

• Registered engine merchants (see engine merchant definition in segment 4. Paid Content) who are legitimately entitled under the administering law in the PAKISTAN to give financing alternatives or installment portions are allowed to publicize the month to month or portion cost in the title and/or portrayal of the posting, however these clients must be enrolled and recorded as merchants or confirmed pre-claimed dealerships on dubizzle.pk

• Failure to follow the posting estimating arrangement will prompt the erasure of the abusing advertisements and conceivable record suspension without discount.

• dubizzle.pk won’t handle any risk, harms, costs and/or lawful activities that may ascend because of clients abusing our posting value arrangement.

• As an “machine Dealer” you:

• Must be situated in the Pakistan.

• Provide genuine, exact, current data about the vehicles available to be purchased.

• Place postings that are in your ownership and have the legitimate documentation important to demonstrate that you are lawfully permitted to offer.

• Advertise vehicles that are now inside the outskirts of the PAKISTAN.

• Agree not to promote vehicles in the interest of different organizations, companions, partners and family.

• dubizzle.pk holds the privilege to (i) evacuate any posting and (ii) hinder the record which the posting originated from with no earlier notice if these postings were regarded as an “Engine merchant” posting without the best possible assention and/or Paid List

5. Connections to Third Party Sites :

• Where the Website contains connections to different locales and assets gave by outsiders, these connections are accommodated your data as it were.

• We have no influence over the substance of those destinations or assets, and acknowledge no obligation regarding them or for any misfortune or harm that may emerge from your utilization of them.

5. Links to Third Party Sites:

• dubizzle.pk may, however is under no commitment to screen or screen any Content. In the event that informed of Content which purportedly does not comply with these Terms of Use or encroaches an outsider’s exclusive rights, dubizzle.pk may examine the assertion and decide in its sole prudence whether to expel or ask for the evacuation of the Content. dubizzle.pk has no obligation or obligation to clients for execution or nonperformance of such exercises.

6. Notification of Claims of Infringement

dubizzle.pk regards your protection and has built up a nitty gritty Privacy Policy that is joined into this Agreement. If you don’t mind take an ideal opportunity to peruse our Privacy Policy found here: Privacy Policy. By consenting to these Terms, you are additionally tolerating the terms of our Privacy Policy.

• When applying to an occupation advertisement, you give dubizzle.pk the authorization to record your points of interest and CV on dubizzle.pk’s databases so managers can get in touch with you.

• It is illegal to post any Content that damages any global, government, national, neighborhood copyright, patent, trademark or other licensed innovation laws relevant in the Pakistan Law

• dubizzle.pk is not in charge of any Content put together by a client that encroaches another’s restrictive rights.

• If you know about any Content that you accept encroaches on yours or an outsider’s restrictive rights, please get in touch with us.

• Please incorporate into any such notice:

• a connection to the affirmed encroaching material;

• a portrayal of the claimed encroaching material;

• a proclamation challenging that the copyrighted material was not posted by the holder or allowed licensee of said copyright;

• your contact subtle elements (counting email address); and

• your signature (physical or electronic).

7. Privacy Policy:

dubizzle.pk regards your protection and has built up an itemized Privacy Policy that is fused into this Agreement. If you don’t mind take an ideal opportunity to peruse our Privacy Policy found here: Privacy Policy. By consenting to these Terms, you are likewise tolerating the terms of our Privacy Policy.

• When applying to an occupation advertisement, you give dubizzle.pk the consent to record your points of interest and CV on dubizzle.pk’s databases with the goal that businesses can get in touch with you.

8. Access and Linking to the Website:

• Your access to the Website is given on a non-elite, brief and revocable premise by dubizzle.pk, and dubizzle.pk maintains whatever authority is needed to pull back or correct your entitlement to access to the Website without notification.

• dubizzle.pk won’t be obligated if for any reason the Website is inaccessible whenever or for any period.

• You may not:

o use any robot creepy crawly, scrubber or other mechanized intends to get to dubizzle.pk and gather content for any reason or generally duplicate or download content. A constrained special case is allowed to web crawlers and non-business open documents, however not for sites that incorporate any type of grouped postings;

o generally gather data about others, including email addresses, without their personal info

• You may set up a hyperlink on your site to the Website, or to postings inside the Website, for non-business use, inasmuch as you do as such in a way that is reasonable and lawful and does not harm or exploit dubizzle.pk’s notoriety (or of any individual associated with dubizzle.pk).

• You must not set up a hyperlink misleadingly or as to propose any type of affiliation, endorsement or underwriting of dubizzle.pk or whatever other outsider where none exists.

• The Website must not be surrounded on some other site.

• dubizzle.pk claims all authority to pull back or correct the above connecting authorization without notification ahead of time. The site from which you are connecting must agree in all regards with the substance guidelines set out in these Terms of Use.

• You may not: utilize mechanized intends to post content on dubizzle.pk (by means of the web interface) without our assent.

• You won’t keep up more than one record.

• If dubizzle.pk incapacitates your record, you won’t make another without our authorization.

9. Limitations on Your Usage of the Website:

dubizzle.pk may build up any restrictions, in our sole attentiveness, on your use of the Website, including, however not constrained to, impediments on the period of time that Content may stay on the Website, the document size of an individual thing of Content, number of things of Content that can be posted.

10. Conduct & Acceptable Use; No Spam:

• You consent to not post, email, or make accessible through the Website any Content that is offensive to dubizzle.pk or in disagreement to pertinent laws or controls. In such manner, you concur not to post, email or make accessible through the Website any Content that:

• is unlawful, hurtful, undermining, injurious, defamatory, slanderous, obtrusive or any data destructive to minors;

• is of a political nature and/or is disparaging of any legislature or city representative in any ward.

• is obscene or any sort of nakedness, sexually unequivocal or unreasonable substance;

• is hostile to Islamic or in any capacity slanderous towards Islam;

• is supremacist or unfair substance towards any race, religion, doctrine, nationality, sex or whatever other gathering of people;

• impersonates any someone else;

• includes actually identifiable data about someone else without their consent;

• is false or misleading;

• solicits the offer of merchandise or administrations, aside from when (1) posted in the suitably assigned territory of the Website for such deals, or (2) messaged to another client of the Website who explicitly wish to be reached by you;

• includes connections to different sites, aside from when (1) explicitly affirmed by dubizzle.pk in composing, and (2) posted in a posting transferred by you in the fittingly assigned zone;

• advertises the offer of anything illicit under any relevant law or direction in the locale you are offering the item

• disobey any convenient global, government, national, neighborhood copyright, patent, trademark or other protected innovation laws;

• contains any product infections, trojans, worms, rationale bombs or other material which is noxious or innovatively unsafe;

• disrupts the ordinary stream with an inordinate number of messages; or

• uses deluding contact points of interest to mask the genuine source.

• You further concur not to:

• contact individuals who don’t wish to be reached;

• stalk or annoy different clients of the Website;

• collect individual data about clients for business or unlawful purposes;

• post Content that is unimportant or irrelevant to the class or talk string where such Content is posted;

• post the same great or administration in more than two classes;

• to post, email, make accessible through the Website or contact dubizzle.pk or some other clients of the Website with any spam, garbage mail, junk letters, pyramid or Ponzi plans, or spontaneous email promotions;

• attempt to increase unapproved access to the Website, the server on which the Website is put away or any server, PC or database associated with the Website,

• post Content that places you in break of any understandings you host went into with any third gatherings including (without confinement) property holders affiliations, expert designers or proprietors or in rupture of any group rules; or

• advertise the entire or part of a property (e.g. a room or part of a room) for letting, subletting or shared occupation without first getting all pertinent allows and assents from unquestionably the proprietor of the property/landowner and any compelling voices in the Emirate of Dubai practicing purview in admiration of such matters,

• for the shirking of uncertainty, the above rundown of disallowed substance and activities is not comprehensive and dubizzle.pk maintains whatever authority is needed to (i) expel any substance that it considers (in its total and sole circumspection) to be offensive or in inconsistency to appropriate laws or directions without notification; and (ii) find a way to forestall persons who post content and/or act in contradiction of this Clause 10 from getting to the Website.

11. Dealings with Third Party Organization and Individuals:

dubizzle.pk works the Website as an online group entry for purchasers, venders, shoppers and group individuals. dubizzle.pk does not offer any thing recorded on the Website straightforwardly and is never a gathering to any exchange amongst purchasers and venders. Therefore, dubizzle.pk does not (a) surety or guarantee any thing recorded on the Website or any exchange between a purchaser and dealer, (b) gather or process installment or exchange of title in the interest of purchasers or venders, or (c) stockroom, store, transport or convey any thing recorded on the Website. Besides, dubizzle.pk is not in charge of, nor holds itself out as advancing, any communication or managing amongst you and 1 or more different user(s) of the Website, and dubizzle.pk won’t be subject in any capacity for any such associations or dealings.

• You won’t consider dubizzle.pk in charge of other clients’ Content, activities or inactions, things they list or the devastation of purportedly fake things. While we may encourage the determination of question, dubizzle.pk is not obliged to take an interest in any debate amongst you and different user(s) of the Website. We have no influence over and don’t promise the quality, security or lawfulness of things promoted, reality or precision of clients’ Content or postings, the capacity of dealers to offer things, the capacity of purchasers to pay for things, or that a purchaser or merchant will really finish an exchange or give back a thing. For specific classifications, especially engine vehicles and land, an offer starts an exchange speaking to a purchaser’s not kidding articulation of enthusiasm for purchasing the dealer’s thing and does not make a formal contract between the purchaser and the vender.

• You recognize that dubizzle.pk does not screen, check or endorse Content, and that you are exclusively in charge of assessing and confirming the precision of any Content posted on the Website.


13. Limitation of Liabilities:

To the most extreme degree allowed by relevant law, dubizzle.pk thus explicitly prohibits any risk for any harms at all (counting, without constraint, immediate, backhanded, extraordinary, reformatory, coincidental or weighty misfortune or harm acquired by any client regarding the Website or regarding the utilization, powerlessness to utilize, or consequences of the utilization of the Website, any sites connected to it and any materials posted on it, including, without impediment any obligation for: loss of wage or income; loss of business; loss of benefits or contracts; loss of expected investment funds; loss of information; loss of goodwill; squandered administration or office time; and for whatever other misfortune or harm of any sort, however emerging and whether brought about by tort (counting carelessness), rupture of agreement or something else, regardless of the fact that predictable.

• In specific, dubizzle.pk is not at risk for any harms or misfortunes coming about to you or an outsider from.

• the use or the powerlessness to utilize the Website;

• services or merchandise obtained through the Website;

• any Content showed on the Website; or

• a appropriated dissent of-administration assault, infections or other mechanically hurtful material that may taint your PC gear, PC projects, information or other exclusive material because of your utilization of the Website or to your downloading of any material posted on it, or on any site connected to it.

14: Pay (Indemnity)

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless dubizzle.pk, its shareholders, officers, directors, employees, and agents from any allegation , actions, demands, damages, losses or attorney fees declare or resulting from your use or misuse of the Website or any Content, your breach of these Terms of Use, your violation of any third party’s ownership rights, or any conflict between you and one or more users connected to or arising from the Website in any way.

15. End of Access to the Website

dubizzle.pk reserves the right to block you or terminate you from accessing the Website for any breach of these Terms of Use at any time without any notice.
• dubizzle.pk reserves the right to delete any of your Content from the Website at any time.
• dubizzle.pk is not liable to you or a third party for any termination of your access to the Website or cancellation of your posted contented.
• You agree not to try to use the Website after said termination.

16: Contravention of Terms of Use

• Please announce us if you become aware of any contravention by third parties of these Terms of Use

17. Administration of Terms of Use

dubizzle.pk reserves the right to take steps dubizzle.pk believes are reasonably necessary or convenient to administer and/or verify conformity with any of these Terms of Use (including, but not limited to dubizzle.pk’s right to collaborate with any legal action disclose to your use of the Website, and/or a third party claim that your use of the Website is illegal and/or disobey such third party’s rights). You agree that dubizzle.pk has the right without liability to you to show any certification data and/or account persona info to law enforcement authorities, government officials and/or third parties, as dubizzle.pk believes is reasonably necessary or appropriate to enforce and/or verify compliance with any of these Terms of Use (including, but not limited to dubizzle.pk’s right to cooperate with any legal process disclose to your use of the Website, and/or a third party claim that your use of the Website is illegal and/or impose such third party’s rights).

18. Commonplace

• You must agree with all the fact , that these Terms of Use are in electronic format does not disturb in any way their validity or enforce capability.
• These Terms of Use (together with any Prepaid Listing Account Booking Form) establish the entire agreement between you and dubizzle.pk regarding its subject matter and supersede any cutaneous or prior oral or written agreements, image understandings or discussions between you and dubizzle.pk, whether implied or express.
• dubizzle.pk’s delay or failure to exercise a right or act on a crack of these Terms of Use does not allow our right to do so in the future.
• The provisions of these Terms of Use shall be deemed sever able, and if any plan is resolve to be criminal or invalid under relevant law, such provision may be changed to the extent honestly fundamental to make the plans, as so changed, legal, valid and mandatory.
• You may not assign any part of these Terms of Use without dubizzle.pk’s express written permission. dubizzle.pk may assign these Terms of Use urgently upon posting a notice of such appointment on the Website

19. Govt. of Pakistan Law & Dispute Resolution

• These terms are governed by PAKISTAN laws.
• In the event of any disputes between you and dubizzle.pk, the applicable law will be that of PAKISTAN govt of Pakistan laws. dubizzle.pk is open to first try to resolve the dispute in an informal and good manner.
• However, if person or party believes that the dispute cannot be resolved in table talk, then the person or parties agree that either party may take any dispute proceeding out of, or in relation with, these Terms of Use, along with any question regarding its existence, validity or completion, to be finally adjust by binding adjudication. Such adjudication shall be held under PAKISTAN govt. laws.
• The seat of adjudication shall be the faisal town lahore , PAKISTAN. The adjudication shall be conducted in the Urdu or English language. The adjudication award shall be final and mandatory on the parties. The tribunal may award reasonable lawyer,s ’ fees and the cost of the adjudication to the prevailing party.
• Judgment upon the award rendered by the go between(s) may be entered by any court having authority thereof or having authority over the relevant party or its belongings.
• If the arbitral panel has not been formed, any party may seek provisional relief from any court having authority thereof or having authority over the relevant party or its assets, to which both you and dubizzle.pk hereto do hereby submit for this limited purpose.

20. Modifications to Terms of Use

• dubizzle.pk reserves the full rights of modification we can do any time or from time to time to update, revise, further and otherwise modify these Terms of Use and to impose new and/or customized rules, policies, terms and/or terms & conditions on your use of the Website (fully referred to as “further Terms”). Such further Terms will be effective immediately and incorporated into these Terms of Use. Your continued use of the Website constitutes your acceptance of all such Additional Terms. Any Additional Terms are hereby incorporated into these Terms of Use by this reference.